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Yu Shine established in 1983 and started from producing varied customized and special purpose machines. We develop and provide our machine especially for all major manufacturers of Motorcycle, Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and Heavy Vehicles/Truck in Japan, USA and Europe.

Later in response to market demand, Yu Shine gradual transition to manufacturing of CNC vertical lathes.
Based on our customized knowledge in Special Purpose Machines and design experiences accumulated from all walks of Industry Application into the company policy, Yu Shine becomes the first company provide Automotive Industry customers booting into a fully automated and semi-automated robotic arms production line, The jobs of high risk, high pollution, and high labor job carried out by robots.

Yu Shine has a wealth of technical experience in customized machine design; improve working efficiency, Optimize the layout of production lines, tool selection and design of special cutter… etc.
Yu Shine is continuous innovation and learning to provide the exclusive processing machines for many years in order to create the profit for customers and establish the win-win cooperation relationship with the clients.

Products which are made by Yu Shine all pass through CE (European qualified certification), ISO9001 (International standardization organization).
Our high precision, high rigidity and stable quality products are recognized and relied by worldwide customers, agents and mechanical industry. You can easily found our machines installed in China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, France etc and spread 56 countries in 5 continents.
Yu Shine participate several international exhibitions such as EMO Europe, Beijing China, Tokyo Japan, Chicago USA and Taipei Taiwan which gain high evaluation.


Innovation and development, to provide the most perfect solution

Technology continuation and innovation is the steady development of enterprises elements, oil Yan in technological innovation, always able to accurately grasp the market pulse, in response to customer demand and innovation. Excellence in R & D team has excellent dedicated machine design concept, and is committed to the development of products forward, from simple to complex, for different processing modes and needs, can provide professional solutions to provide the perfect solution. At the same time, also announced the introduction of all new models, can be used with the integration of automation around the connection, to provide customers a more comprehensive service.

Precision testing, has reached the international level

In terms of quality control, oil Yan for the production process of repeated testing is extremely harsh! In order to achieve the perfect quality, the factory re-capital to introduce a complete precision testing equipment, the implementation of the test and calibration; product from the initial development of the prototype, until the final delivery of each link, must undergo a rigorous inspection and Testing, to reach the factory products zero defects at the highest level.